Outpatient Drug Rehab Near Princeton

Outpatient Drug Rehab Near Princeton

If you or someone you love in the Princeton, NJ area are considering rehab but are worried about taking time off work or school then outpatient rehab may be the right choice. Keep reading to learn how Quantum Behavioral Health Services will tailor an outpatient program to suit your unique needs as an individual, and support you and your family as you become the person you’re meant to be.

Is Outpatient Drug Rehab The Right Fit?

It might surprise you that 10% of Americans develop a substance use disorder, or addiction, at some point in their lives. That’s over 33 million people! Drugs are the leading cause of arrests in the US too, over 1.5 million arrests for possession in 2020. If you have been struggling with addiction you are not alone. The vast majority of people need to keep working to eat and provide for their families, or attend school, or take care of children or other dependants. We all have responsibilities and obligations, and we understand this at  Quantum Behavioral. 

Drug use has significant associated risks, and overdose deaths have drastically increased over the past decade. The widespread use of fentanyl in street drugs is ripping families apart, there has never been a better time to go to rehab than the present. And although inpatient rehab is extremely beneficial it may not be the best fit for your situation. The best type of rehab will be the one that accounts for your needs, and that may be our outpatient rehab program. There are several treatment options that allow you to keep working while attending rehab.

Many people who develop substance use disorders also have a co-occurring, undiagnosed mental health disorder. This is called a dual diagnosis, and up to 45% of people experience both at the same time. Our staff at Quantum are experts in treating both substance abuse and any co-occurring illness. Participating in our outpatient rehab programs will allow you to attend therapy, but also allow you to return home to fulfil your responsibilities to your family. 

What Happens During Outpatient Drug Rehab?

When you contact our call team you’ll begin the intake process. Our staff will conduct an interview that will assess your current drug and alcohol use and determine if there is a need for a medical detox. We’ll also perform a full biopsychosocial assessment, which allows us to tailor therapy programs to your needs as an individual. Once you’ve met with your case manager and have chosen the therapies and programs that fit your lifestyle you’ll begin treatment. 

Our outpatient programs fall into three categories, defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. All of our programs are evidence-based.


Partial Care Program

Our Partial Care Program (PC) includes an average 20 hours a week of therapy sessions that take place during the day, and is a great choice for those dealing with cooccuring disorders. It’s a good fit for someone that doesn’t require 24 hour supervision, but needs a higher level of support. The benefits of outpatient programs is that the associated cost is lower than it would be for inpatient programs.

Intensive Outpatient Program

If you choose our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) you can expect to attend a minimum of 9 hours of therapy sessions per week structured around your work day. Sessions are normally held before or after work, on the weekends, or evenings. This flexibility allows you to continue to work or attend classes full-time.

Outpatient Care 

Our Outpatient Care Program (OP) will have you attending 9 hours or less per week of therapy sessions. It’s an excellent fit for those wanting extra support as they continue to progress in their recovery. You remain in control of your therapy and recovery at all times at Quantum Behavioral, regardless of what your insurance company might say. Your needs and progress determine your next steps in your recovery, not your insurance provider. You will never wonder if you’ll be able to see your therapist in a timely manner at Quantum.

During your time at Quantum Behavioral you will participate in many different types of trauma-informed, evidence-based therapy, including but not limited to

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Meditation 
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Yoga
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Medical Therapy (VIVITROL)
  • Group Therapy

Drug Rehab that Allows You to Continue Working or Going to School

If you’re unable to take time off of work, or are responsible for small children the idea of being unavailable to attend to those obligations can be daunting. Don’t let that fear prevent you from accessing the help you need to begin the process of recovery. Overdose deaths have tripled in the last 30 years, and although it may be tough to balance recovery with obligations you can’t balance anything if you’re dead. Drug and alchol use is hard on the body, especially over prolonged periods of time. Your family wants and needs you to be healthy and happy, and an outpatient rehab program may be the catalyst you need to develop new habits. If your addiction is mild to moderate you will be able to attend therapy with minimal disruption to your life in our outpatient programs.

Outpatient vs Inpatient Drug Rehab

The biggest difference in outpatient versus inpatient is where you stay at night. If you were attending inpatient rehab you would spend your full day in therapy, and sleep over at the inpatient facility at night.  Inpatient rehab stays are typically a minimum of 30 days, with additional 30 day increments added based on your needs and progress. This is an excellent choice for those dealing with a severe addiction or cooccuring disorder, or without a supportive home environment to stay in. If you are addicted to a substance like opioids or alcohol a medically supervised detox may be necessary for your own safety, and many people choose inpatient therapy after a detox. At Quantum you are in control of your treatment at all times, and you make the choice of which program is right for you. If you choose an outpatient program you will attend therapy sessions tailored around your own schedule, and return to your own home every night, or one of our sober living facilities where others with similar experiences are also working towards recovery. 

Quantum Outpatient Drug Rehab Near Princeton

No matter what program you choose our staff at Quantum care deeply about your success. Our staff are highly educated and experienced in addiction treatment, as well as all cooccuring disorders. Our programs are accredited by the Joint Commission, an organization dedicated to patient safety, that holds facilities and treatment programs to the highest standard. We not only focus on the medical and psycholgical aspects of substance use disorders, but spiritual as well. Our whole-person approach to treatment gives you the best chance of staying in recovery. If you or someone you love in Princeton is living with addiction don’t wait, call us today. You are not alone in your struggle, allow our staff at Quantum Behavioral the privilege of caring for you as you learn and grow in your path to recovery.