Recovery Is Possible

Who We Are

Quantum Behavioral Health Services is a comprehensive treatment provider for people with substance use disorders. We provide partial care, intensive outpatient, and outpatient support in a welcoming, secure environment that offers an array of treatment options from traditional counseling, to yoga and meditation, to art and music therapy in order to personalize every patient’s treatment to their unique needs.

We provide on-going communication with family members and keep everyone involved with the healing process on the same page. Because recovery thrives when there is hope, trust, and connection.

Our Mission

Quantum Behavioral Health Services provides highly rated, cost-effective, comprehensive care to individuals and families affected by Substance Use Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders. Quantum Behavioral Health Services provides treatment in a unique environment and believes that Substance Use Disorders have physical, psychological, and social components. This belief guides us to provide our clients with equal attention in all those areas to ensure their success and recovery.

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Our Vision

Quantum Behavioral Health Services recognizes that many forms of addiction are now reaching epidemic levels. We welcome Clients who are ready to recognize the difficulty of facing such issues alone. We are ready to provide each client with the tailored support and the nurturing, healthy environment that will allow them to focus on all aspects of being well and staying well. From their physical health and nutrition to their mental outlook, support systems, and planning for the future we’re here to help clients transform their lives.

Our process takes a mental, physical, and environmental approach to helping each person reach their goal of rebalancing and restoration.  We take a clinically-centered approach by making healthy choices in every area of daily life – so that every client finds their new way of living.


We are driven to:

  • Maintain a philosophy of care that can be clearly stated, has concrete and measurable outcomes, and is based on the principles of treatment and recovery.
  • Retain the most exemplary and competent clinicians available and provide them with the support and resources they need to perform at their fullest professional potential as they support our clients.


Our leadership team guides the work we do at Quantum and sets the tone for all the ways we support our clients.

Anthony has been working with a number of entities throughout the licensure process in New Jersey for over a decade.

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Anthony J. Albanese

Chief Executive Officer

Justin has a wealth of experience in the healthcare field, from IT to case management and from accountancy to leading as a Director of Operations.

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Justin Sabatino

Chief Operating Officer

Irene has been working in the substance abuse and mental health fields for over 15 years.

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Irene Hoylie-Ristaino, MS, LPC, LCADC, ACS, CCS, NCC

Director of Behavioral Health

Quantum Team

Our team of professionals is here to support you along your journey every step of the way.

Joe has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.

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Joseph Laurie, MA, LAC

Primary Therapist

Traci is a Certified Addictions Counselor and has been working in the field for over five years.

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Traci Mobus, CADC

Primary Therapist

Carolyn Piskura has worked in the medical profession in a variety of positions.

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Carolyn Piskura, LPN

Client Care Coordinator

Dawn has always loved working with others in the helping professions.

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Dawn Fulton-Wilson, MS

Case Manager

Alex has his Bachelors degree in Social Work and will begin his Master track at Monmouth University.

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Alex Rodriguez

Case Manager

Kristeen Rayment has worked in the medical field for the last 13 years in various positions.

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Kristeen Rayment LPN

Client Care Coordinator

Mental health plays an important role in physical health, and both have to work together for optimum health.”

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Jessica Timmerman, Psych

APN – Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Bryan Pitcher is dedicated to helping others as they navigate the challenges of addiction and has a strong passion for helping other addicts and alcoholics find recovery.

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Bryan Pitcher, CADC Intern

Case Manager

Kelly is a member of the National Honor Society.

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Kelly Reardon, CADC Intern

Case Manager

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The Quantum Process - Outpatient Rehab NJ

Make The Call

Contact our Quantum Team at (609) 993-0733 to get started.

Complete Your Intake

This streamlined process includes a series of questions and discussion of your unique needs and goals.

Get The Best Care Team Possible

After your intake, you’ll meet your Care Team, a group of amazing professionals dedicated to helping you make recovery reality.

On-Going Support

After you meet your Care Team, you’ll start to receive treatment based on a Care Plan that’s designed to help you achieve and sustain your recovery.


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