Addiction Treatment Near Me in New Hanover

August 22, 2022 | Alcohol Addiction , Drug addiction

Addiction Treatment Near Me in New Hanover

Whether you’re looking for intensive outpatient treatment, opioid detox, a medical detox for other drug and alcohol addiction, or a specific treatment for other mental health disorders, the Quantum Treatment center in New Hanover has health resources and medical professionals who can provide medical advice and treatment options for you or your loved ones.  

Addiction Treatment for New Hanover Residents

There are a variety of treatment center locations in and around New Hanover. While attending treatment close to home may sound convenient, it may be beneficial to have some physical space between where you have maintained your addiction (your home) and where you attend a rehab program. A Hanover metro treatment center may or may not be right for you, depending on where you currently live. Finding centers in New Hanover can be done by contacting the Quantum Treatment center.

Of the treatment centers that Quantum recommends, read each of their Google reviews and see if you can spot trends in their positive or negative nature. Because substance abuse treatment can be such an emotionally charged subject and because levels of care can vary, there are bound to be negative Google reviews at even the best facilities. If you do come across a negative review at an abuse treatment facility that you otherwise like, try looking for a response to that negative review by the treatment center to see how the substance abuse treatment facility dealt with the issue or try contacting them to ask them over the phone.  

Click here to reach out to Quantum Behavioral Health Services at (609) 993-0733 to learn about our addiction treatment programs.

Treatment Programs for Addiction

Opioid addiction treatment or alcohol and drug addiction treatment that’s done at a recovery center is called inpatient treatment. This is because the patient is in a facility while they are undergoing treatment. And while sobriety is often the goal for all treatment approaches, some drug rehab center approaches vary. 

Recovery is about accepting life as it actually is and about learning to appreciate what a person actually does have. This can be a daunting task for those that are disappointed with their pasts or thinking about what they don’t have in their future. But the mind can be a tricky thing, and getting sober is a good first step to seeing the light that is present in a person’s life.  

The treatment providers, treatment approaches, and specific treatment for mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders vary widely between providers. Specialized programming and comprehensive treatment and detox programs are available in New Hanover. Many of these options will feature family therapy and behavioral therapy as core components to their programs. Addiction is rarely about simply physical addiction to the substance. It’s often the manifestation of many underlying disharmonies in a person’s life, and a treatment program will work to address these underlying roots of instability.  

Tips for Finding The Best Addiction Treatment Near Me in New Hanover

Detox programs for alcohol addiction, alcoholism treatment, and other co-occurring disorders can be found by calling the Quantum Treatment center. We want to find the best possible solution for you or your loved one, even if that means you attend a different facility. Please call us today.   

Quantum Addiction Treatment in New Hanover

Quantum addiction offers comprehensive treatment and specialized programming, as well as resources for intensive outpatient treatment. If you wish to connect, call the Quantum Addiction Treatment center at (609) 993-0733