Is Memory Loss a Symptom of Depression?

Is Memory Loss a Symptom of Depression

The connection between memory and depression

There are many people that don’t realize that depression and memory loss actually go hand in hand. Depression can cause memory issues which is why it’s important to address depression as soon as possible. Although there are several studies that are still being done in connection to why depression causes memory loss, if you’re experiencing any type of issues associated with your memory as well as depression anxiety or other psychological issues, it’s imperative that you relay these problems to your recovery team so that they can develop a game plan and offer you a treatment option which will accommodate these issues that you’re experiencing. 

What is short term memory loss?

Short term memory loss is a condition in which you forget certain things for a short period of time. Conditions such as depression anxiety and sleep quality are things that can also trigger short term memory loss. However, when these conditions are addressed, you will likely notice that this cognitive decline will reverse itself.

Why does depression make me forget things?

A depressive episode is something that can impact a person in many different ways. When you’re in the midst of a depressive episode, your brain is in fight or flight mode. Therefore, it will try to prioritize certain aspects of your life to try to maintain some type of healthy function. However, a consequence of this fight or flight mode is that your objective memory could be impacted which is why so many people with depression have experienced memory loss. 

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Can antidepressants improve memory?

While addressing depression using antidepressants can help to improve the symptoms of depression, there are some continued consequences that a person may feel when it comes to their memory. It’s not uncommon for a person that is taking antidepressants to also struggle with some of the side effects of those antidepressants including memory issues. It’s imperative that you work closely with your treatment team to find the best solution for you when it comes to medication options for your depression. 

Is memory loss from stress permanent?

There is always the possibility that a person with major depression could suffer from serious stress in their life. There is also always the possibility that your memory function could be impacted as a result of this stress. During the time that you’re in treatment you will learn more about the negative context of stress in your life and what you can do to work through these issues so that stress is not something that causes further issues for yourself, your addiction or other aspects of your life. 

What mental illness causes forgetfulness?

Of course, there are other mental health issues that can also cause forgetfulness. It’s not uncommon for a person that has an anxiety disorder to also struggle with memory issues. Although depressionrelated memory loss is the most common reason for this type of forgetfulness, other conditions such as bipolar disorder can also cause different types of memory problems. However, when you make the commitment to working through your addiction issues as well as your anxiety and depression, you give yourself an excellent opportunity to learn more about the relationships between depressive problems and memory problems. 

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