37 Signs of Meth Addiction

signs of meth addiction

Does Someone You Love Struggle with Meth Addiction?

We would do anything we could for our loved ones to make sure that they are safe and healthy. But when you are concerned that your loved ones are addicted to meth, it can often feel like your hands are tied with how you can support them in overcoming an addiction to meth. Knowing what to look for in your loved ones that signals that they may be addicted to meth will help you intervene at the right time with the appropriate rehab resources.

37 Signs of Meth Addiction

While each individual person will have their own unique experiences with meth addiction and it will impact their lives in various ways, there are some common signs and symptoms of meth abuse. 

Physical signs of someone affected by meth addiction are:

  • Rotting teeth or otherwise known as “meth mouth” 
  • Sudden weight loss or a frail like figure 
  • Sudden change in physical appearance 
  • Sores or facial scarring or acne 
  • Convulsions or twitching, jerky movements 
  • Stroke 
  • Intense scratching or feeling as though there is something under your skin
  • Liver damage
  • Lowered immune system
  • Increase in susceptibility to infectious diseases 
  • A sudden drooping within your skin 
  • Dilated pupils 
  • Burns on lips or fingers 
  • Rapid eye movement 

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Psychological signs of meth abuse are:

  • Experiencing visual, auditory, or tactile hallucinations 
  • Extreme mood swings 
  • Drug induced psychosis 
  • Impaired cognition 
  • Memory loss 
  • Delusions 
  • Depression 
  • Anhedonia – an inability to feel pleasure 
  • Aggression 

Behavioral signs of meth abuse are:

  • Decrease in school or work performance 
  • Isolation from loved ones or others 
  • Experiencing relationship problems or difficulties due to meth abuse 
  • Loss of interest in activities and hobbies that once brought you joy
  • The majority of your time is spent on obtaining, planning for, and using crystal meth 
  • Having use larger quantities of meth to reach the same desired effect 
  • Attempting to quit your meth abuse but experiencing failed attempts at doing so 
  • Developing a tolerance to meth, therefore, needing to use larger quantities in one period of time 
  • Engaging in substance abuse in high risk situations such as driving while impaired 
  • Decrease in mental health with some individuals experiencing suicidal ideation 
  • Experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms when you stop your use of crystal meth 
  • Developing psychological or physical side effects of symptoms of meth use 
  • Hiding or lying about behavior or drug abuse 
  • Finding stashes of drug paraphernalia 

What is Meth Rehab Like?

A meth rehab program is an opportunity for patients to gain an understanding of the effects of methamphetamine within a person’s life. Patients will be able to choose the levels of care that they require from an addiction treatment program including an inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab program. Regardless of the levels of care that you choose, you will have the opportunity to engage in various methods of addiction therapy that will support you in healing from your addiction to meth within your body, mind, and spirit. Substance abuse treatment includes addiction therapy of behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, individual therapy and group therapy processes. Drug addiction treatment supports patients in healing from your past of traumatic emotions and memories in order to pave a new road to recovery.

Meth Addiction Treatment at Quantum

At Quantum Treatment Center, we recognize the dire need for addiction treatment within a person’s life as the growing number of Americans becoming significantly impacted by a life of drug addiction continues to rise. We provide a drug addiction treatment program that is centered around healing from the mental, physical, and environmental aspects of your addiction to meth. Through our comprehensive, whole person integrated approach to healing, patients will be able to effectively heal from the deep-rooted underlying causes of addiction while regaining physical and psychological health and wellbeing in a life of sober living.

Healing from meth addiction is best done with the ongoing support of expert addiction therapists who are able to use the latest in evidence-based therapy methods to empower you to find your new way of life in sobriety. Our team at Quantum treatment center are prepared to answer any questions you have about addiction treatment and begin developing your personalized drug addiction treatment program today. Call us today at (609) 993-0733 to get started on the road to recovery.