About the Director of Alumni Relations Cristina Mazza

Cristina Mazza is a Certified Event Interventionalist committed to offering support and networking opportunities to clients post treatment. Cristina started a platform on social media (post treatment group) to offer communication options and positive interactions ensuring the message of recovery is available; positive and thought provoking. Guest speakers, 12 step clinics; and online entertainment events are features of the site. Active in the recovery community, Cristina contacts clients and hosts Zoom Alumni meetings, thus staying in touch with the post treatment community helping them after treatment to sustain sobriety.

Cristina began her work in treatment as a tech; was a respected speaker to the South Florida community; became the National Director of Alumni with Trupath Recovery; hosted international podcasts and has now begun to work toward being a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Now a resident of New Jersey working with Quantum, Cristina continues her work to support clients and assists with discharge planning to maximize success post treatment emphasizing and working with them to stay on track with their goals in addition to her alumni responsibilities. On occasion, when deemed necessary, Cristina’s certification allows her to escort clients to recovery centers to ensure they arrive ready to begin their sobriety journey.

The importance of follow-up, support and continuing communication with clients is foremost in Cristina’s work.

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