Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Jersey

June 30, 2022 | Alcohol Addiction , Drug addiction

Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Jersey

Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab: What Is It?

Short term alcohol and drug rehab centers provide New Jersey residents with a drug and alcohol treatment program that provides patients with a condensed version of inpatient rehab. Typically, patients entering into an inpatient rehab program can choose between a 30-, 60-, or 90-day rehab program depending on your personal preference and levels of care required. However, there are some New Jersey residents that may have prior responsibilities such as work, school, or families to tend to that may deter someone from entering into a long-term rehab program. A short-term option for addiction treatment allows for patients to receive the same exceptional evidence-based therapy methods to foster personal growth and healing from your history of substance abuse. 

Benefits of Short Term Rehab

Short term rehab for patients looking to treat their substance use disorders within our residential treatment program offers a number of benefits including: 

  • Supports patients in avoiding being away from their families and children for a long period of time 
  • Receiving various levels of care for substance abuse treatment including behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, medication assisted treatments, and trauma therapy 
  • Allows New Jersey residents to have a brief break from their home environment and remove themselves from triggers and environmental distractions to kick start your newfound way of life of sober living. 
  • Comparable treatment approaches similar to a long-term addiction treatment program 
  • Reduced cost for addiction treatment making it more accessible for individuals looking to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. 

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Is Short Term Addiction Treatment Effective?

Patients within a short term inpatient rehab program will find that the addiction therapy methods offered are similar to those in long term drug or alcohol inpatient treatment. Each individual will receive the same evidence based addiction treatment methods along with additional supports including: 

  • 12 step recovery groups and meetings 
  • Holistic treatment 
  • Nutrition education and therapy through meals provided and one on one counseling 
  • Individual therapy sessions 
  • Group therapy processes 
  • Alternative treatment methods including meditation or yoga 
  • Aftercare programming including outpatient programs or alumni support 

The Cost of Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Patients entering into new jersey rehab for a short term period will have the added benefit of a reduced cost to your drug or alcohol addiction program. The cost of short-term rehab is reduced compared to long term drug rehabs programs because patients are not required to pay for accommodation, meals, and medications provided for a longer period of time. With patients residing within the residential treatment program for 30 days, it can be the most cost-effective method for those New Jersey residents looking to stay within a certain budget. 

For those individuals that have insurance coverage, most short-term rehab programs will offer a variety of insurance that will help to cover some or all of your drug or alcohol addiction treatment depending on your specific provider and coverage plans. 

Quantum Recovery – Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Buck’s County NJ

Quantum Recovery is the top choice for Bucks County New Jersey residents that are looking for and alcohol and drug treatment programs that are centered around each individual patient and their required and desired levels of care to help you safely and effectively overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. Through the comprehensive addiction treatment methods offered, patients will gain an understanding of the root causes of your alcohol or drug addiction with the support of behavioral therapy and other addiction treatment methods that will help you develop the tools and skills needed to live a successful life in sober living. If patients complete their short-term inpatient treatment and require additional support within their home environment, patients will be offered continued support through outpatient treatment or aftercare programs. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are ready to take the leap of faith in a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program, contact one of your compassionate counselors today at (609) 993-0733 to hear about the individualized treatment programs offered within our treatment facility.